Freightways Int. Holding BV

Freightways Int. Holding BV


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Freightways was founded in 1986 and started with international forwarding activities, mainly by road, later were sea- and airfreight services added. In 1990 Freightways started with warehousing activities on demand of some existing forwarding customers.

Approximately 35 skilled and motivated employees empower the several business units of the Freightways group now. Today Freightways operates a distribution facility at Katwijk of 161000 sq feet (15000 m2). 15 miles from Amsterdam Airport and 40 miles from Rotterdam Port. Over the recent years Freightways invested in state of the art computer systems for warehouse management and financial processes. The company is privately owned by the President of Freightways Int. Holding B.V


Freightways Int. Holding BV

Contactpersoon: Jack A. Zijlstra

J. Schweitzerstrjitte 12
8581KK Elahuizen

Tel: 071-4090701

E-mail: j.zijlstra@freightways.nl
Website: www.freightways.nl

16 december 2017